Snail Bar

Bar Aliatar-Los Caracoles
Plaza Aliatar
Alto Albayzín
Granada, Andalucía, Spain


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Plaza Aliatar

The bar Aliatar - also known as "Los caracoles" or "the snails bar" is located in the Plaza Aliatar which is in the high Albaicín just round the corner from the "Colegiata del Salvador" which is the church that you can see towering over the bar in the photo. Just across the road is a small art gallery which houses short exhibitions of painting and sculpture by local artists.

Plaza Aliatar
Some snails

This bar has specialised in snails since anyone can remember. Luis the boss reckons that he is going to organise a snail race at the next fiesta.
If you take some English or French speaking friends to this bar amuse them with this snail joke:
A snail inherited a lot of money so he decided to buy a racing car. Before the first race he painted his car all over with the letter "S". His friend asked him "why?" He said that it was because when he was racing all the spectators would say, "Hey look at that "S" car go!".

The principal attraction of this bar is sitting outside on the terrace especially in the summer. The inside of the bar is very pleasant also. Of course there are plenty more things besides snails on the menu for example "Goat Kid Country Style", mountain ham from the Alpujarras mountains, green peppers with fish etc. The average price per person, at the terrace: is 1800/2000 pesetas, or arounds 10 to 12 euros.

The owner with wife and sister

The "tapiya ", mentionned by the Tapichuela Guide, is, of course, the spicy snails, or, as a change, smoked anchovies.
If you show a copy of this web page, Luis and Maria Jose, the owners, will invite you to a "chupito" of Galician spirit with honey...

There is bus service which goes past every 15 minutes. More info

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Overall 8.75
Food 9
Service 9
Atmosphere 9
Value 8
Comments of Hubert from Rotherham UK
Last Visit: September 2018
I had a cafe con leche and a coffee here for breakfast. It was too early for the snails and garlic. It's a very plesant square to sit out in.
Overall 7.5
Food 7
Service 7
Atmosphere 9
Value 7