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El Bañuelo: 11th century Arabic baths
Carrera del Darro, 31
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00.

El Bañuelo: 11th century Arabic baths

AlbayzinEl Bañuelo: 11th century Arabic baths
This is a free entrance museum which will take about 15 minutes to visit.
These baths used to be part of the Mosque of the Walnut Tree (Mezquita del Nogal) which previously stood here. They were built in the 11th century and are considered to be among the oldest and most complete baths in Spain. This was a traditional meeting for place for locals, who would come here for haircuts and massages. There were different times for men and women, who would seldom leave their homes (except for a weekly visit to the cemetery and a once or twice monthly visit to the baths). Brides-to-be would also come here before their weddings.

AlbayzinSituated along the River Darro opposite the Alhambra
You enter the baths through a small house which was reconstructed in Christian times. At the end of a small hallway (zaguán), there is a courtyard with a pool (alberca) and from here you can access the baths themselves, with their three rooms: cool room, (sala de refresco), central room (sala central) and finally, the hot room (sala caliente). The columns were taken from Roman and Visigothic ruins and the octagonal or star-shaped holes in the roof allowed light to enter and steam to escape. They also reduced the weight of the roof.


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Comments of Jules987654321 from UK
Last Visit: September 2017
This is NOT free entrance, it is €2.25 per adult. Not sure it is worth the price!
Comments of Lewis from USA
Last Visit: October 2017
It was free for me, 16 October, 2017. Not sure your opening days/hours are correct though. I went on a Sunday at 16:30.
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