Subida a la

 Subida a la Alhambra

    Mirador de San Nicolas

    Welcome to the Granada Donkey Taxi Service
    (La Línea Burro Taxi de Granada)

    When you visit Granada don't forget to take a ride on the donkey taxi. There are four different routes which take you to some of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Granada.


    The four routes begin at the "paseo de los tristes"


    The Albayzín is a maze of small cobbled streets which was originally the Arabic heart of the city. At every turn you catch glimpses of the Alhambra. At some point on your journey you will arrive at "Mirador de San Nicolas" (see main photo, top) Incidently, this is where President Clinton visited a few weeks ago. He didn't see the sunset as he had planned because the sun doesn't set over the Alhambra. Duración 45 minutes


    This area of Granada is known for its caves, the gyspsies and flamenco. The Sacromonte is the Spanish version of Hobbiton but instead of meeting Bilbo Baggins you may be lucky enough to hear an impromtu flamenco session, the mournful wailing cries of flamenco drifting through the Granada sunshine will evoke a sensation that is difficult to forget. Duration 45 minutes

Trip up to the Alhambra:

    You will go up the "Cuesta de los Chinos" to the Alhambra. This is how Laurie Lee author of Cider with Rosie described it. "We went across the Darro gorge and up the Ahambra hill, climbing a rain-torn path behind the palace. Here, an Oasis in the burnt south, were green trees, banks of ivy, flowers and gushing water. A bird sang a thin cold song and the Palace glowed with a winter redness among its leaves". He was walking because at this time the donkey taxi service didn't exist ;-) Duration 30 minutes

Fuente Avellano:

    This is the most peaceful of the routes. You will follow a quiet lane which follows the River Darro. On you left you will be able to see the Sacromonte and in the distance the Sacromonte abbey. Duration 30 minutes.

Price: 1000 pesetas

    Tel: (958) 22 83 69

    The Donkey Taxi is suitable for children and adults alike.

    The starting point is at the end of the Paseo de Los Tristes. (As seen on the map) The hexagons are tapas bars where you will find our free tapas guide to the Albaicín and Sacromonte. It contains a map of bars, restaurantes and places to see and hear Flamenco. Ask for "la guía de tapichuela"

    This map has been used with the permission of Microguias Caspita and Lingolex



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