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Rabo de Nube is situated in the the Paseo de los Tristes which apart from the Alhambra itself is one of places where you will almost certainly visit. There is a whole series of open air terraces next to the river Darro overlooked by the majestic presence of the Alhambra. The name of the bar literally means "tail of the cloud" but aparently in South American Spanish it means "tornado".


The Paseo de los Tristes "walkway of the sad" gets its name because it formed part of the funeral procession route which passed this way and then continued to the left of the Alhambra on the way to the cemetry.

There is a very cosmopolitan atmosphere and it is the perfect place to sit with your friends, make new friends or if you fancy it, just read the newspaper in a beautiful setting.

There is an extensive menu which includes many types of bocadillos, pizzas and paellas.

For those of you who are adverturous ask for an "Iwashigumo" which is a strange Japanese cocktail.

In Japanese "Iwashigumo" means Autumn cloud. Each time they make it the ingredients change slightly but it always turns out well.

The favourite free tapa (the Tapichula) is Roquefort cheese with ham of the three veils.

If you print a copy of this page you will be invited to an "Iwashigumo" with your meal.

The average price per head on the terrace is around 15 euros.

24. RABO DE NUBE.     

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