Guía de Tapichuela
Puerta del Los Tristes 
Bar de Aperitivos
Paseo de los Tristes, 5
Granada Spain
Versión española 

The  Puerta del Vino offers a delicious selection of raciones (portions of food), cheese or meat boards, bocadillos and, sandwiches which can be accompanied by some of the best Spanish wines.  The bar is located in the Paseo de los Tristes which is directly below the Alhambra. (incidentally some of the customers of this bar appeared in the Chumbawamba world cup video which was shot in the plaza). You can be served either on the beautiful terrace or in the  dining room which is behind the bar area.

Mapa de Paseo de los Tristes

23. PUERTA DE LOS TRISTES.      Verbenas de Ahumados.  Requeté