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The Sacromonte is a beautiful valley with great views of the Alhambra. In fact the name of the valley is "Valparaiso" which I suppose means valley of paradise. Just a bit further on to the right of the map is the Sacromonte abbey and if you continue just a little there are very pleasant places to go walking in the country. The vegetation is mainly cactus especially the prickly pear "chumbo" or Agarve Americana (Latin Opuntia ficus-indica).
Gypsy Cave

The Sacromonte is next to the Albaicín and is most famous for its caves and flamenco. The typical image of Spain and Andalucía is of dark haired women dressed in a flamenco dresses dancing like a dervish, accompanied by hand clapping and wailing flamenco music. This does actually exist in the Sacromonte, I won't say that everyone will be dancing in the streets 24 hours a day, in fact it is very peaceful but if you like flamenco music the Sacromonte has a lot to offer.

The most common question asked by visitors and tourists is "Do you know where to find flamenco not for tourists?". Well, you won't find a flamenco show not for tourists because they have to earn money from tourists to pay for all the musicians and dancers but on the other hand if you get the right moment at some of the cave bars you can find groups of friends playing together in impromptu sessions.
Pricky Pear
View from Sacromonte Abbey
If you fancy a bit of exercise it's worth walking up to the Sacromonte Abbey. This is where you will get some of the best sunset views in Granada.

TOUR OF SACROMONTE ABBEY (Camino del Sacromonte)
Price of visit: 3 euros
Visits every half hour
Tel: 958 22 14 45
Tuesday to Saturday
11.00 to 13.00 / 16.00 to 18.00
16.00 to 18.00 
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Bars and Restaurants

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D. EL CABILDO      Disco-Patio-Summer Barbecue

E. EL CAMBORIO      Late Night Disco Visit

F. CASA JUANILLO     Ratatouille, barbecued chops Visit

G. LOS FAROLES      Sangría and "Limoná"


I. EL PASODOBLE   Night bar

J. EL PESO     Salt cod with tomato Ham

E. EL VATICANO    Nate Night Pub

Daily Performances

The following 5 places are Flamenco Tablaos where you can see flamenco performances. They are generally a type of Flamenco called Zambra which focuses on the ritualised haggling of dowries. In my opinion the best ones are the Canastera or the Rocio. Most hotels have a pick-up bus service which will take you to the Sacromonte.

It is a lot cheaper if you just go there yourself and pay at the door. It is a pleasant walk to the Sacromonte from the centre of Granada. Most performances start around 9pm. It is fairly touristy.
  • LA CANASTERA.   Flamenco Museum and Tabloa. 958 121183 Visit
  • LA ROCIO    Family zambra
  • VENTA EL GALLO    Visit
  • LOS TARANTOS   Mixed zambra Flamenco for tourists
  • LA ZINGARA  Zambra Familiar
Dance classes etc.

CARMEN de las CUEVAS      Flamenco/Spanish courses

Peñas de Cante 12pm - 4am
The best places to see Flamenco are the Peñas which are private Flamenco clubs.They often have performances at the weekends. Look in the local newspaper for details. The ones below are not in the Sacromonte.


2. EL NIÑO DE LAS ALMENDRAS    "Flipping" Saturday nights

3. LA PLATERÍA    Except Mondays Closed 1/7-31/8 

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