Renting Holiday Apartments in Granada FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Why book with granadainfo and not with Airbnb, homeaway, etc.

The main reason is that it is usually cheaper. We always show the price that you actually pay and we don't have hidden costs such as cleaning. We never try to trick you. You can communicate with us using your real email and contact details rather than being censored by the agent. We are just normal people offering a personalised service and not a mega corporation. We have a very in depth knowledge of Granada and can help you with any aspect of your stay. We have been offering this service since 1998.

How do I find an apartment?

The best way to find an apartment is to visit this page and do an availability search on the dates you want. Then surf around and have a look at several. If you fill in the form on the page it will add the possible bookings to a sort of shopping cart. When you are ready you can press the MAKE RESERVATION button and make a full reservation.

Why is a very good place to book apartments in Granada?

Our most important qualities are honesty, straight dealing and trustworthyness. We personally know all the places. We don't advertise a very low price per night which is never actually possible. All prices have all taxes and extras included so no surprises. Any negative aspects of any place are always mentioned, eg on a hill, too many steps, not really in the centre etc. There are no call centres. Anyone who answers the phone at granadainfo speaks English perfectly, has at least 28 years experience of living in Granada and at least 15 years of experience helping people with any aspect of visiting Granada. Any problem that needs to be dealt with will get immediate attention and fast resolution. Granadainfo is like the type of hardware store that almost no longer exists because they have been run out of business by massive supermarket hardware stores. Do you remember when you could go to a shop and ask the advice of the shopkeeper who was an expert on what he was selling? Then after the purchase if anything went wrong you can actually speak to another human being in English who will be responsible for sorting out the problem - That is very much like granadainfo except as well as offering a good service we also offer the best prices, the best selection and the most useful information.

Is your apartment available?

All apartment pages have an availability link which shows the current availability or just fill in the form on the page and press the submit button.

I don't speak Spanish is it a problem?

To book and stay at the apartments you don't need to speak a word of Spanish, there are normally at least 2 native English speakers ready to help you on a fixed line and two mobiles. Not speaking Spanish is not an issue, however, your stay will be more enjoyable if you can speak a bit of Spanish.

Almost all the user comments are very good. Are they edited?

When a bad comment comes in we investigate the problem and solve it. For example if we receive a comment about a dripping tap we will immediately get a plumber to fix the tap. Then once the problem has been fixed we would remove the complaint about the tap. We use the comments of the guests as a method of improving the quality of the apartments and as a way to drive continual improvement. If a place has problems which reoccur and are not rectified we stop working with them. Only places with a high standard of professional and customer service are allowed to be on This policy leads to a form of evolution in which only the best places survive.

Which apartments have the best price-quality ratio?

You can now see correct prices all ordered according to price. To see the cheapest prices just choose "Order by price" on the apartment search page

When can I enter the accomodation?

Generally speaking if nobody was in you room/apartment the night before you can enter at anytime. If there was someone in you room the night before, the people in it have a right to be there until 12 noon, then it has to be cleaned. Apartments generally don't have a place where you can leave your stuff so you may have to wait around a bit having a coffee on a teraza or something.

How long does it take from Granada airport?

From landing time to arrival at the accomodation normally takes about 45 minutes. (if you come by taxi) click here for full info

Are there towels and sheets?

All apartments always supply towels and sheets.

I have a complex question about my stay in Granada?

No matter how complicated your question we will find the answer just and we will find the answer. You can also find a lot of answers on this forum about Granada.

We have a baby which is the best place?

Granada is very hilly so the best place would either a place where you can drive to or a place which is fairly flat. So on the search page either "Easy parking" "Reduced mobility" or both. Almost all places offere a free baby cot and babies are free.

How do I buy tickets for the Alhambra?

I strongly advise you to buy tickets in advance. Use this page to find out how.

How far is the Alhambra from the apartment?

Granada is not a big city. The Alhambra is on a hill overlooking Granada. All apartments are fairly near to the Alhambra. It would be a mistake to choose an apartment just because it is nearer to the Alhambra.

What about parking?

Most apartments and hotels don't have their own parking places but there are numerous public underground parking spaces. The ones right in the centre can cost as much as 30 euros per day. This is why we reccommend Severa Ochoa which is 41 euros per week info here. It is best to get a taxi from the parking to the accommodation on arrival. We always supply good arrival instructions so that your arrival is as pleasant as possible. A car is only useful for going on excursions to the beach or to the mountains. Here are some notes for car drivers. To see exact information on all the public car parks in Granada click here. On the on the apartment search page choose "Easy parking"

Do you know any good bars or restaurants?

All the webpages about apartments have a link which shows all the interesting places within a 1km radius of the apartment. see example There are also lots of web pages of bars restaurants etc. Just go to this page and surf around. Also there is an interactive map Granada is not very big so nothing is very far away. Each apartment has a page which shows important things near to each location. see example here

Which apartments have the best views?

The views from these places are really good. Boabdil Naima Aixa6

I have special needs eg, elderly, wedding, mobility problems etc?

The best thing to do is to and explain your requirements. That gives us time to work out the best answer. We have lived in Granada for 25 years so we will be able to give you good advice. We had so many weddings in one location we made a special page

It is best to book about 4 months in advance then you can choose exactly which one you want.

If you want an excellent price, capacity for 6, garden with views of the Alhambra and free internet access go to Boabdil. An excellent place with a swimming pool and parking is Palmera The best places get rented a long time in advance so book early. If you need advice just phone using the number on the apartment web pages.

This is the Darro river, probably the nicest part of Granada.

How do I find a Hotel?
Go to

When is the best time to come?

The Spring and Autumn are wonderful. July and August are a bit too hot for some people and January and February are a bit too cold, but any time of the year would have better weather than the north of Europe. See this page for weather and climate. See this page for advice on what sort of clothes to pack..

What should I see if I only come to Granada for 1 day?

Are you crazy? Granada needs two days minimum, but if you insist the Alhambra is the "must see" attraction. Most apartments have a two day minimum.

What is better and apartment or a hotel?

This question has been well answered on this forum.

How do I get to Granada from Malaga airport?

Get a bus or taxi to "la estación de autobuses" the bus station. Get on the next available bus. It takes 90 minutes. Last bus goes at 9pm. Always book flights that arrive as early as possible. It is possible to buy tickets online but not very far in advance. More info about how to get to Granada is here.

Non smoking rooms?

It is not normal in Spain to have non smoking rooms. The tobacco smell needs fabrics to cling to. Except for the sofa, the apartments have few fabrics, there are no carpets and there are shutters rather than curtains so just leaving the windows open will quickly get rid of the tobacco smell. These are non-smoking apartments Aixa Alcoba San Pedro

Is Granada safe?

Yes, it is much safer than the USA or places like London or Paris. However, it is not totally crime free but I am sure that most people who visit are safer here than they are at home. The biggest chance of danger in Spain is while driving. It is not uncommon to have 30 road deaths during a weekend on the insterstate highways.

Is there heating and hot water?

Yes of course. We don't expect you to come to Granada to be cold and dirty, we want you to have a good time. However, in February don't expect to be walking around every part of the apartment in a 'T' shirt.

Who owns these apartments?

Some are owned by companies and some are owned by individuals. We provide an efficient bilingual booking system especially designed for the independent traveller.

The owners control the handing over of the keys, receiving payment, and repairing any defect that should arise during the stay. Our responsibility is to make the booking, give arrival instructions, and occasionally provide bilingual assistance.

The apartment must conform to the description on the web site, we normally understate rather than overstate. Although we are not the owners we never allow the owners to sell the apartments at a lower price than our website. Our policy is to have low prices and high occupancy.