Arabic shopping area

Albaicín, Granada

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The Caldererias are two streets between Calle Elvira and Plaza Nueva.

As soon as you enter them, it is as if you have been transported instantly by magic carpet to Morocco.

There are lots of tea shops selling a wide variety of exotic teas. Most of them have Moroccan music and they have a very strong Oriental atmosphere.
Many of the shops sell craftwork and trinkets.
By the way, there is a good bread shop in this street called the Panadería Loca, which sells good wholemeal bread.
Caldererias means Cauldron makers and it has been the home of many craft workshops for centuries.
This is a good place to sit out and have some Arabic fast foods such as a kebab or falafel. The kebab shop opposite has a web page.
There are lots of
kebab joints.
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