CasaJuanillo Sacromonte
Casa Juanillo
Restaurante Terraza
Camino del Monte, 81
Granada, Andalucía, España
Telfs: 958 22 30 94-22 05 91
The menu
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For many years the Casa Juanillo has been considered as the best restaurant in the Sacromonte, this claim is difficult to refute seeing as it is the only restaurant in this area. Apart from the food and the atmosphere the most attractive characteristic about this restaurant is the panoramic view. From your table you will be able to see the Alhambra, the Generalife, the Silla del Moro and the full beauty of the Sacromonte valley.
The family of the owner are all flamenco artists and if you are lucky you might see an impromptu performance in the restaurant with a few of them sitting round a table playing. In the "Guía de Tapichuela" the term "flipping" has been coined to describe this phenomenon. Flipping = Improvised, Impromptu flamenco performance
View of the ALHAMBRA
Interior del restaurante

If you want to be certain to see a flamenco performance of gypsy Zambra you can buy your tickets in the restaurant because the "Venta el Gallo" , the cave where they put on the performance is only 60 metres away. (see web page).

The menu is based on the home cooking of the the gypsy families in the valley. Some of the favourite dishes are suckling lamb chops, fried sweet pepper salad, Sacromonte omelette (with brains and sweetbread) and also you could try the ratatouille (pisto). Given the quality of the cuisine and the charming surroundings the prices are very moderate.

Interior con la chimenea


The average price per head is around 2000 pesetas (12 euros). You can combine a visit to the restaurant with a trip to the flamenco cave and if you go to this page they will give you a discount of 1000 pesetas on the flamenco and invite you to shot of something after your meal..

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